Bathroom Break

You found us!  In case you didn’t know, we’re the Happy Coffee Cyclocross team:  The raddest cyclocross team in the universe!  When we asked Happy Coffee where we could show off our trophies and other cool stuff in the new shop they gave us the bathroom.  Somehow seems appropriate.  We hope you enjoyed your visit to our home.

So what’s up with those gross underpants?  Well, there’s a story behind them.  The only thing our team likes more than racing bikes and drinking beer is dressing up in silly outfits and racing bikes and drinking beer.  Last year at the Colorado Cyclocross State Championships we made that happen.  As a last minute game-day decision our team captain (Reeves) and team manager (Maggie) stopped at a Walgreens in Castle Rock to put the finishing touches on their costumes for the day- underpants on the outside.  Why underpants on the outside?  Because there is nothing funnier than underpants on the outside.

Those underpants turned out to be magical (no, not that kind of magical underpants) because that day we took home the men’s and women’s Single Speed B State championships.  It was a muddy course and what you see before you are our homemade trophies to commemorate that day.

Take a minute to check out the rest of our website and maybe come out to a race this fall!  A good time is always guaranteed.

Stay Happy!

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